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Physicist at ATLAS Experiment, CERN
Only Lara could see the potential of bringing ESPN, one of the leaders in world-wide communication, in contact with the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, a world-wide collaboration of particle physicists. But, now we aim to dramatically improve our ability to bring the thrill of scientific discovery to a global audience more effectively than ever.
CEO at Adventr
When Disney had a new creative directive, they were caught in a challenging place of trying to build an infrastructure to support their creative vision. Lara was instrumental in finding and vetting new cutting edge technologies, such as ours at Adventr, to deliver the exact specifications needed, far faster and more cost effectively, making it a win-win situation for all those involved.
Manager, Global Production
Operations at Disney Interactive
I just wanted to thank you for organizing the amazing Best of Disney event in LA! I learned so much about the latest technology innovation in Disney and expanded my idea of what is possible.
Anonymous Verbatim Comments
Lara pushes me as a designer to think outside the box with every project that I am assigned. She has a drive for coming up with new, innovative ways to serve sports fans and collaborating various ideas from our team to do so. I am constantly challenged under her guidance to find the best solutions and execute them well. Her confidence is a quality that communicates her leadership, which is much needed in the case of decision making and influences others to do the same.
Anonymous Verbatim Comments
Lara is a very creative designer and an organized, clear leader. She asks the right questions and is able to accurately prioritize the many projects her groups are assigned. She's always respectful, diligent, and on-deadline. She motivates her group to do things that haven't been done and to try to tell stories in new ways. She encourages and educates editors about different ways to relay information.
Anonymous Verbatim Comments
Lara's key strength is immediately recognizing the key issues and challenges around a specific project. She quickly picks up the vision/expectations of the client and just as quickly reacts with solutions, new ideas, and creative thinking. Lara is also keenly aware of the product she works on and how people interact with it. She always keeps this in mind when developing new features.
Art Director at Primacy
During a shift in demand for ESPN’s creative team in the midst of a redesign, I was brought in as a resource from Primacy to work under Lara. Her in-depth direction of ESPN’s infrastructure made the creative and on-boarding processes highly efficient. Lara's creative and technical vision not only created a smooth and successful environment, but even led one of my projects to an unexpected Emmy Win!
ESPN and RISD Partnership Studio
The continuous iteration and feedback from ESPN's creative team enabled our projects to be grounded in a real market, retain its ability to be fresh and innovative, yet tested to withstand the rigors of the web and broadcast media.
U.S. Ambassador to Botswana
Lara, Thank you so much for taking time to meet with Andrew and his classmates. They are busy at work on his film... You encouraged and inspired his crew and they are very grateful. So am I!
Senior UX/UI Designer at ESPN
Lara not only challenged me as a designer, she helped me find my creative voice and taught me how to translate my inner vision into a design language that I could share. Her award-winning accomplishments and successes on both small- and large-scale creative initiatives at ESPN speak volumes to her talent as an art director. She is a confident leader, who adeptly communicates her vision through bold, innovative, creative solutions that create an emotional connection.
Deputy Editor at ESPN
I worked directly with Lara on the launch of a newly branded digital experience within ESPN.com specifically designed for high school students. She was an innovative leader who easily took charge and inspired a talented young team. Lara made extra effort to establish a creative direction so that it would stand out and appeal to a younger audience. In her day-to-day work, I always admired how she pushed the envelope of status quo and challenged her peers and senior leadership to avoid complacency.
2008 Design Intern at ESPN
Lara's attention to detail, understanding of current technologies, and development of new systems make her a force to be reckoned with. She inspires her teams to create quality through her leadership.
Principal Software Architect at Disney
Lara Sasaran did an excellent job organizing an incredibly informative, collaborative and inspiring event. I feel fortunate getting the chance to participate. I hope this becomes a trend, and we see more of Best of Disney and similar showcasing events.
VP of Engineering Services at Disney
I came away from Best of Disney incredibly inspired and was amazed at the vast innovation and creativity we have across the teams!! This was a great event for sharing and I hope it becomes an annual event!!
Pixie Dust Engineer at
Disney Advanced Technology
The key reason for the success of the Emerging Technology Group monthly roundtables was Lara. She exhibited both deep knowledge and broad connections to subjects and experts in those fields. Moreover, she is just inspiring to work with. On my short list of people I would love working with again, Lara ranks at the top.
Manager, Art Collections and
Exhibitions at Disney Animation Studios
Thank you for the honor to present at Best of Disney. It was a great day! And thank you so much for all your patience and help in prepping my presentation with the Getty. Congratulations on such a successful inaugural event!
Sr. UX Architect at Disney Studios' Technology
Lara made Best of Disney a magical experience. As an exhibitor it was like working with a mind reader. Everything was covered, thought-out and coordinated with uncanny speed and attention to detail. As a participant the event itself was wonderfully produced and all it's exhibitors expertly chosen. It was truly a showcase of the best of Disney. Working with her is something that has influenced my career is something I'll reminisce about for years to come.
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